Our Difference

The Muscle Medicine Method

The Muscle Medicine Method is how we differ from other Remedial Massage studios and why so many of our clients are pleasantly surprised at their first visit. 


A central factor of The Muscle Medicine Method is that we care about your wellbeing goals and make it our purpose to help you achieve them.  Our focus is on what needs to change in your soft tissues to achieve long term change in your physical function, No matter if your goal is to simply unpack the dishwasher without discomfort or something on a larger scale, like running your first marathon or 10km, our team will be your partner on every step of the journey. 

There are four cornerstones to The Muscle Medicine Method;

1. Functional Analysis 

2. Soft Tissue Therapy

3. Movement Therapy

4. Education & Awareness

When you become a Muscle Medicine client you are committing to giving your all to achieving your goals through these four cornerstones.  We will be there at your side the whole time, but the results will come from the commitment and effort you make.

The Cornerstones

 1. Functional Analysis

Prior to your initial appointment, you will be asked to complete some thorough paperwork about your medical history plus a focus on your goals and expectations (subjective analysis).

At your initial appointment, our therapist will spend 10 - 15 mins discussing your history, your lifestyle, and symptoms, as well as where you would like to be.  We'll turn these into our joint goals.  

Within your goals, we will discuss your immediate requirements for relief as well as what you'd like to ultimately achieve. 

This analysis will also involve an objective assessment, looking at your posture and how you move.  We will want to see you squat, lunge, stand on one foot, and maybe a few other things as well. All of this will help us assess what your body is like 'under load' rather than only looking at you on the massage table. This will ensure the treatment is designed for exactly what your body needs. 

As nothing in the human body works in isolation it is important for us to know all sorts of info about you, some of which you may think is irrelevant to your discomfort or pain.  Just tell us everything and then we can filter through what we need.

This in-depth assessment and analysis will allow us to identify underlying dysfunction.  Generally, the pain or discomfort you feel is simply a symptom of something else going on.   

2. Soft Tissue Therapy

[Also known as; Remedial Massage Therapy, Myotherapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage]

Now that we have a good picture of what's been going on for you and what you want to achieve we can start the process of getting you there! 

Your therapist will engage a range of techniques to provide you with initial relief from your symptoms.  You can see all the techniques we use on our Techniques page. 

The Soft Tissue Therapy part of your consultation will be 40 - 55 mins, depending on the analysis and movement therapy components required. 

Your therapist will have two treatment paths in mind;

1. to relieve your immediate pain or discomfort

2. to create sustainable relief

It is unlikely that sustainable relief will come from one soft tissue treatment, your therapist will recommend a treatment plan to get you to where you want to be - in a sustainable way. 

3. Movement Therapy

At Muscle Medicine, we are big supporters of combining soft tissue treatment with movement.  This may be within the treatment room, on the table, where we ask you to provide resistance against your therapist to engage the muscles. 

It will also involve some exercise prescription.  Your therapist will give you some cues or exercises to complete your treatments.   

By integrating Movement Therapy we are teaching your body new patterns and often helping it to forget incorrect movement patterns your body has picked up.

How have you picked up bad patterns?  These could be caused by a number of things - an old injury that changed your gait pattern when you walked, post-pregnancy and carrying a young child on one hip, Life long postural habits that have not been corrected.

We all have postural and functional habits that our bodies have adapted over the years.  The longer we leave these the harder they are to reverse and they can go on to cause greater issues.  This is why we are so passionate about combining soft tissue treatment and movement - it helps you protect your future movement and live your best life.

4. Awareness & Education

To help you achieve your goals we believe in creating awareness about your body, what it's experiencing, and the changes we are making. 


We do this via our communication during treatment, your treatment plan, and the exercises we prescribe.  The more you are engaged with the process the more you will be able to actively make changes to your body - creating faster and more sustainable results. 

Just want a massage?

We also understand that sometimes you just want to have a massage!  

That is why we provide our Maintenance Massages.  These treatments are designed to help you maintain soft tissue health and overall wellbeing.

You can find out more about them on this page

We can help provide back pain relief, headache relief, and rehabilitation from soft tissue injuries with a thorough assessment and treatment plan.  Our goal is to help you Live Your Best Life - pain free!