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Muscle Medicine was founded in 2002 to promote the elements of living the best life you can live.  At our core is our integrated approach to health through soft tissue therapy combined with functional analysis and movement.  We call this the Muscle Medicine Method, which has been developed over years of engaging with our clients. 

Our focus is on solution-based treatments.  We seek to understand your goals and what is holding you back from achieving them.  From running a marathon in a PB to picking up the grandkids whenever you want to - pain should not stand in your way.

We use an integrated approach to the functional treatment of soft tissue injuries, discomforts, and maintenance.  Our integration goes beyond the techniques we blend to deliver the best results in our studio, we also provide a service where we integrate with your other therapists & practitioners.  We open lines of communication with your referring therapist or practitioner (GP, Sports Physician, Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor) to ensure your care is integrated and holistic. 

We have Remedial Massage Therapy, Myotherapy, and Therapeutic Therapy in-house which will cover you once assessed through to recovery and well into the maintenance phase of your rehabilitation.

Don't have an injury?  We are experts in injury prevention with our movement integration.  We will assess and provide you with strengthening exercises specific to your body's' weak points to ensure you avoid injury living the active life you want to live. We will provide a maintenance plan that involves self-management through exercise and relief as well as a maintenance treatment plan with either a remedial or remedially trained therapeutic therapist.

Our values sum up the way we approach our passion - which also happens to be our work!

Our Values

Compassion | Curiosity |  Inclusiveness | Engagement | Communication | Accountability | Passion

Our team is passionate about helping people live their best life through soft tissue health and movement.

Muscle Medicine


Remedial & Myotherapy


At Muscle Medicine we are unique.  Our therapists are highly trained and engage many techniques within your treatment.  Our Remedial Therapists treat in a myofascia style, providing treatment plans and sustainable results of your underlying conditions. 

Maintenance Massage


Maintenance of soft tissues is critically important to your overall health.  Our maintenance massages are a cost-effective ongoing treatment with a skilled remedial therapist.  If you are after a Sports or Deep Tissue Massage you wont' be disappointed

Relaxation Massage

Enjoy some time out, some time that is all about you!  Book a Maintenance Massage and your therapist will use the pressure that suits you and you'll recieve an amazing treatment to support your Central Nervous System


Fascial Release


Fascia is a continuous web of connective tissue that gives integrity to the shape of your muscles.  By releasing the fascia we can create changes in the functions of muscles and posture of joints. 

Structural Integration


Assessing your functional movement allows us to identify where your pain or discomfort originates and treat functionally as opposed to symptomatically.

Dry Needling


A technique that involves a very thin acupuncture needle stimulating a Trigger Point to relieve muscular pain and stiffness. Used in conjunction with Remedial Massage can provide faster pain relief.

Sports & Deep Tissue 


Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Massage are terms that are often interchanged with Remedial Massage.  Often if when clients are looking for sports or deep tissue massage they are after maintenance as they don't have a current injury. Our Maintenance Team are perfect for Sports & Deep Tissue treatments.  

Trigger Point


Trigger Point is a technique that targets 'knots' or triggers in the muscles that cause a tight feeling or discomfort.  Applying pressure directly to the trigger point provides relief.

Movement Therapy


Combining movement with soft tissue work ensures your results are more sustainable.  We also use active treatment techniques during the treatments to enhance results.

TMJ/Jaw Work


The Temporomandibular Joint is commonly known as the Jaw.  Inflammation or misalignment can cause painful recurring headaches.  TMJ Release is designed to provide headache relief. 

Lymphatic Drainage


Combining movement with soft tissue work ensures your results are more sustainable.  We also use active treatment techniques during the treatments to enhance results.



Originating in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cupping has been adapted into mainstream remedial massage. It involves using a cup to create suction.  This increases blood flow to the muscles and helps to release muscle and fascia tension. 

Gua Sha


A traditional East Asian technique that utilises a scraping tool to move across the skin and mobilise soft tissues. It is known to assist with breaking down scar tissue and connective tissue to improve range of movement. 

Let us help you prevent and overcome soft tissue injuries while providing pain relief. 

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Muscle Medicine


Our clients cover the spectrum from sporty teenagers to nonagenarians.  We treat clients who have had major injuries and are on the rehab path through to athletes wanting to maintain soft tissue health and improve their performance to grandparents and great-grandparents who want to remain active in their lives.  We are honoured to treat 3 and 4 generations of families in our community. 

  • teenagers and young adults with sporting and overuse injuries

  • new mums with shifting body patterns

  • personal trainers, athletes, lifters, dancers

  • office & sedentary workers/work from home 

  • keep fit & new runners



Our Address

Shop 6, 21-25 Knox St,

Double Bay, NSW, 2028

Entry in Arcade or on Knox Lane

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Monday 8AM - 7PM

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Cosmopolitan Centre

Enter via Short St

Exit through Cosmo Centre, cross Knox St and we are in the arcade beside Cafe 21.