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Coby du Preez



ATMS 15069


Coby made the move into soft tissue therapy after a career as a chef, wanting to create a healthier life for himself and help others enhance performance and live pain-free.


Over the years Coby has developed and refined specialty soft tissue techniques which have provided pain relief and performance enhancement for hundreds of clients. He now passes the on Muscle Medicine Method through his mentoring of our team to ensure you receive the best treatment results no matter who looks after you!

Coby works with an ongoing list of clients of all ages to improve their mobility and motion which may be limited due to either injury or aging.  He works closely with a number of Sports Physicians, Personal Trainers, Occupational, Rehab, and Physio Therapists  


Coby has a rich history as both practitioner and lecturer, having taught at Australasian College of Natural Therapies. He studied both Remedial Massage and Lymphatic Drainage at Nature Care College and has his qualifications in Dry Needling. 

Coby spends his time mentoring our team and provides Remedial Massage, Fascia Release, Trigger Point and Dry Needling in our Hunter St Collaboration Clinic & Double Bay Studio.

Health Fund Rebates available on treatments with Coby du Preez

Laura Quickfall


AMT 11179



One of our female therapists Laura adapts her style to each individual client with a mix of remedial, myofascial, trigger point and lymphatic massage.


Laura started with Muscle Medicine on our Student Mentorship program learning the Muscle Medicine Method as she worked closely with Coby.  On graduation from the Australian College of Natural Therapies in December 2016, Laura took up a full-time position with us.  She is a big part of our team assisting in our mentoring program and working closely with our trainers in Double Bay. 


Laura naturally leans into her sporty client base, helping countless runners and triathletes reach their performance & wellbeing goals.


As an extreme runner herself and ex-dancer Laura has a keen interest in the human body and how it operates, making her a natural when it comes to assessing and repairing muscle and soft tissue injuries. 

Laura will also be able to assist in preparation for your big event, so don't wait until after.  Make an appointment during your training cycle and she will build a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.  

Laura provides Remedial Massage and Run & Gait Assessments in our Macquarie St Collaboration Clinic and Double Bay Studio.

Health Fund Rebates available on treatments with Laura Quickfall


Amanda Tenn



Amanda started her journey into massage therapy as she became aware of how amazing the human body is in protecting and healing itself.  She has built a strong connection with her client base and enjoys huge satisfaction from working with them to achieve their wellbeing goals. 

Amanda is working closely with Coby and Laura to upskill in the Muscle Medicine Method. While she continues to study she works with us part-time and provides fantastic Body Maintenance Massages.

Amanda loves the Sydney weather so she can enjoy her regular runs.  She also enjoys boxing, squash and weight training.  She will partner with our trainers to ensure our clients have a fully integrated wellbeing treatment and exercise plan.

Amanda joins Muscle Medicide as she finalises her Diploma in Remedial Massage and we look forward to her becoming a familiar face at our Double Bay Studio.

Health fund rebates are currently not available with Amanda Tenn

Kat Jacob



Kat is an Australian with German background, and her sporting experience reaches across a variety of different disciplines from horse riding, martial arts, surfing, running and pilates to her latest obsession - handstands.


After a stint in the corporate world and longing for something more meaningful, she became a coach in early 2016 and quickly fell in love with the movement and gymnastics side of training.

Over the past few years, she has been continuously learning from many of the leaders in the industry - including Functional Range Systems, Gymnastic Bodies, Emmet Louis, Kit Laughlin, Ido Portal, Mikael Kristiansen, Yuri Marmerstein and more.

Through her technical knowledge and experience, Kat understands that improving one’s movement capacity is a long journey rather than a quick fix, and highly values quality of movement.


She loves educating and empowering her clients whilst helping them build strong and mobile bodies. Enabling them to chase anything they want in life, for as long as they want, without physical limitations.


Let’s face it – life is too short to sit on the sidelines.


Aimie Smith



Aimie specialises in a holistic approach to movement and exercise and over the past 15 years has worked with clients ranging from Hollywood Stuntmen and Professional Sports People needing rehabilitation and programs to support their intense workload to Seniors who have never exercised and everyone in between.

Aimie works with us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings as a Personal Trainer and runs Mobility, Yoga and Pilates classes on request for small groups, she has a strong focus on Functional Movement, allowing the body to become stronger for everyday life, not just the gym.

Before moving to Sydney in 2016 Aimie ran a successful Personal Training studio for 8 years in the UK. 

As a child, Aimie struggled with her weight and health and at the age of 15 took up yoga. After feeling the immediate benefits she joined a gym at 16 where she became hooked on all things health-related. She lost 30 kg over a two year period and felt the pull of the gym, so got her Personal Training qualifications and started working in a gym and never looked back.