Workshop Series

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TMJ pain 


This course covers the anatomy and underlying reasons for jaw pain, grinding, clicking and headaches. Participants will learn ways to assess their jaw and then corrective exercises and stretches as well as practical cues for improving their day to day jaw and neck posture. 


Low back/hip stability


This course looks into the causes of hip and low back injury and pain. Participants will walk away with techniques they can use to assess their pain and particular strengthening and stretching exercises to improve mobility and stability of their pelvis and lumbar spine. 


Neck/shoulder stability  


This workshop covers the anatomy and common causes of neck and shoulder pain. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of how their posture affects their neck and shoulders as well as practical ways to correct this in their daily life along with corrective exercises and stretches they can incorporate into their routine for improved function and a decrease in pain. 




In this course participants will learn about the science of breathing and the profound effect it can have on their whole body’s posture and function. They will walk away with techniques on how to train and improve their breathing for a variety of different pursuits; whether it be to reduce anxiety and stress levels right through to athletic performance. 




This workshop covers the ins and outs of posture with the aim of debunking the many myths that tend to surround this topic and changing the mindset that many of us have in relation to our posture. Participants will learn the real definition for posture as well as the causes of poor posture and practical ways to improve their body proprioception for static position they are in for work to more dynamic movements for their activities and sports. 




This course will look at the idea of balance as a skill that needs to be practiced in order to be maintained. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of how balance works as well as exercises that they can add to their routines to be actively improving and maintaining their balance and stability.