Movement Studio

What to Expect

We are a small studio suitable for strength, stability, rehabilitation, and general fitness.  We have a number of trainers, so finding one that suits the style of training you prefer plus what will drive your best results isn't going to be tough!
At muscle medicine, we believe in connecting the dots. Our therapists may request your permission to speak to your other therapists and personal trainers if you have them. This allows us to be able to ensure your treatment and exercise regime are working together to provide you with sustainable results. If you work with a muscle medicine trainer and approve us to speak with each other we will ensure we are working together to deliver the best results for you! 
Private & Semi-Private Training NOTE: During the Covid19 pandemic and until otherwise deemed safe we will only be offering private training sessions (one on one). 
One on one movement sessions are perfect for having the trainers full attention to make sure you are executing your exercises correctly to drive the most effective results.  We also offer semi-private sessions where you may be training with one or two others, creating an affordable, yet still very personal option for you. 
Our trainers will develop a personalised program to help you achieve your wellbeing and fitness goals and work with our therapists to ensure you remain fit, healthy and mobile for whatever challenges you want to take on!
Your sessions will be between 45 - 60 minutes, remember - you'll get out what you put in! 
What is Functional Movement
Functional Movement is the buzz word in training at the moment, but what does it mean?  
Functional Movement Training is for anyone wanting to move, function and feel their best.  It generally ensures you are moving through 3 dimensions or planes rather than forward and backward, side to side. 
During your movement sessions, your trainer will focus on mobility to help the body remove restrictions or limitations. Techniques include stretching, foam rolling, trigger ball release, breathing exercises, strength and stretch. We will also address trunk stability to help strengthen the core, which is important for preventing injuries, supporting the lower back and enhancing performance in sports or general activities. 
After we have addressed mobility and stability we focus on functional movement patterns.  Functional movement exercises include squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling and rotational movements. 
What is Functional Range Conditioning?
Functional Range Conditioning is a comprehensive joint training system based in scientific principals and research.  It is one of the training modules we promote at Muscle Medicine.
There are 3 main goals, all with the aim of promoting healthy, sustainable joint movement, which in turn supports muscle development and general fitness.
Mobility Development
Mobility refers to the amount of active, usable motion that you have through your joints.  The more mobile you are, the more you are able to maximise movement safely through your joints.  Range of movement deteriorates as we age, focusing on maintaining your mobility assists with this.
Joint Strength
Joint Strength is important so that movement can be executed safely.  It will also protect your joints in the cases of trips and falls.  
Body Control
Training with the FRC system improves the function of your nervous system, leading to a reduction of pain and injury, improved joint health and longevity as well as an increased ability to move freely and easily.

What does my training include?
You will have an initial assessment session to ensure our trainer can deliver what you are looking for and check that you are happy working together.  Once you are ready to commit to an ongoing time your trainer will develop a personalised program to help you achieve the agreed goals.  Your trainer will create ongoing programs for you as you progress to ensure you continue towards and exceed your goals. 

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