Sports Taping

What to Expect

What is taping?
There are two different types of taping, rigid taping and Kinesiology taping. Rigid taping is the traditional injury taping you will have seen, perhaps when you have sprained an ankle. It doesn't allow for much movement, immobilising the joint to prevent further damage after an injury. 
Kinesiology allows for much more movement and can be used for injury prevention as well as to aid recovery. It is proposed to work on a neural level, by sending feedback from the sensation of the tape to the brain. This is the colourful tape you often see on athletes.
When do you use taping?
We will use either rigid or Kinesiology tape on a case by case basis. This is not a treatment on it's own, but may be discussed and utilised during a remedial massage or myotherapy treatment.  If you need tape that has been applied by one of our therapists replaced give us a call and we will see how we can fit you in.  If you are after a tape replacement from another therapist you will need to book a 30min treatment so our therapist can assess your requirements. 
Ask your therapist if you would like to know more.