Upper Torso

Common Symptoms
  • Tight shoulders/scapular discomfort

  • Dull ache in upper back

  • Rounded shoulders

  • Restricted range of motion in shoulders or neck

  • Tight pectoral muscles (upper chest)

  • Neck pain & headaches

  • Tingles or pins and needles in arms/hands

  • Aches in shoulders or arms

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Your initial session will involve;

  • Subjective Assessment | A discussion about the forms you completed prior to your appointment.  Getting to understand you, your lifestyle, and what is going on for you right now.  This information can provide us with insight into how you are using your body and how this could be affecting your posture and contributing to your discomfort.  A photo of your workstation often provides useful insight and you may be asked to keep a pain journal for discussion at your next appointment.

  • Goal Setting | Understanding what you want to achieve out of our sessions and beyond in your physical life. 

  • Objective Assessment | A physical examination of your whole body.  We will be looking at your shoulders, neck, and upper back specifically, but we will also look at your hips and pelvis for contributing factors. 

  • Treatment After a full assessment your treatment may consist of a blend of the following techniques;

    • Soft tissue palpation to the neck, shoulders and upper back

    • Soft tissue palpation to the deltoids/pectorals  (upper chest/back)

    • Deep tissue massage therapy

    • Dry needling  or cupping to release tight trigger points

    • Breathing & relaxation techniques

    • Personalised exercise & treatment program

Subsequent remedial massage/myotherapy treatments will involve a follow-up objective assessment to see how your body has adapted to the treatment and any exercises you were prescribed. We will also assess any back pain relief you have experienced. Your treatment will then be adapted accordingly. 

At your re-exam, we will again complete a full objective assessment and compare your progress to the goals we discussed at your initial session. 

We can help provide back pain relief, headache relief, and rehabilitation from soft tissue injuries with a thorough assessment and treatment plan.  Our goal is to help you Live Your Best Life - pain free!