Our Services

Remedial Massage is primarily outcome-based massage; the application of a specific treatment targetted to relieve the specific problem the client presents with.  Our therapists engage the Muscle Medicine Method of treatment using a number of techniques.

Maintenance Massage [Therapeutic] is ideal for in-between treatments with your Remedial or Myotherapist or to keep your body functioning how it is designed to.   

Our Maintenance Massage therapists are mentored by our Remedial Massage Therapists in the Muscle Medicine Method which makes them great value for money!


Myotherapy is a certification and treatment style.  Our Remedial Therapists work in a very similar way to myotherapists, but we also have a qualified myotherapist on our team.  Our therapist will treat with the Muscle Medicine Method, assess weaknesses and provide exercise therapy to assist in building muscle strength. 

Functional Movement Therapy is for anyone wanting to move, function, and feel their best. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is the tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries in your body. It measures 7 fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement. Your session will include a thorough assessment and strength training session.