Runners Relief

If you've arrived here you are wanting to make sure you are not one of the statistics that end up injured after a sudden increase in running load.  Let's work together to ensure you can stay fit, healthy and uninjured while you build your running strength and endurance.

So how can we help?

1. Identify weaknesses and help you to fortify against injury

2. A personalised strategy to avoid injury 

3. Prepare and prime your soft tissues for the work they are taking on

Option One - Value $99

Telehealth Assessment and Personalised Plan

  1. 15 min assessment with our therapist from your living room! 

  2. A personalised plan to help you strengthen any key areas to avoid injury

Cost - FREE

Option Two - Value $250

Full Injury Prevention Assessment & Treatment 

  1. 60 min in-clinic assessment & treatment 

  2. Weakness & overuse identification

  3. Personalised staged strength and prevention plan

  4. 15 min follow up Telehealth appointment

Cost - $150 Health fund rebates available