Relaxation Massage

What if I just want to relax?

At Muscle Medicine our core practice is soft tissue work.  The majority of our clients have a particular ailment or general aches and pains that they wish to be addressed, but sometimes we all just need a break.  60 mins all to yourself to unwind and be looked after.


What is the difference between Maintenance Massage and Relaxation?

The Muscle Medicine Maintenance Massage is ideal if you train regularly, have an active lifestyle or work life. Perhaps you are simply on the go all the time and your soft tissues get a genuine work out and little rest.  The Maintenance Massage will use deep tissue techniques to identify tight areas, knots and adhesions in your muscles with the aim of loosening these.  Providing relief and improved range of movement.

The Relaxation Massage is more about gently providing you some down time, some time for your body and mind to take a break.  Your therapist will provide you with a full body treatment working to the pressure that suits you.  With the lifestyle many of us lead, running from meeting to meeting to social gatherings and multi-tasking most things we do, our bodies are living, more often than is advisable, in the sympathetic state (fight or flight).  Taking some time for a relaxation massage will help reset your system to the parasympathetic state (rest & digest).  

A relaxation massage also provides many of the same benefits as the Maintenance Massage;

  • Improved circulation

  • Improved Immune system 

  • Release of mood altering hormones

  • Reduction of stress on the central nervous system

  • Improved Digestion & Respiratory function

Read our blog series to find out how Maintenance & Relaxation Treatments can provide health benefits. 

Which Therapist should I book? 

Amanda Tenn [Remedial Massage Therapist]

Amanda is a trained Remedial Massage Therapist who has been working with the Muscle Medicine Method since 2019.  She is fantastic at helping weekend warriors and anyone who trains regularly (or not regularly enough) to feel fantastic.  

She can also provide a brilliant, full-body relaxation massage.  Just let her know when you book what you are looking for and she will deliver!