Your Support Crew

Updated: Jan 21

We all know that it is said that it takes a Community to Raise a Child, but once we are adults that doesn't mean we don't need our community, our support crew!

We all need a people around us, to support us and to drive us. Maybe you have different support communities for different parts of your life. Well we are here as part of your community! Your training community, your health community and your general wellbeing community. We can help on a greater level than simply relieving your muscle tension or pain and it is what drives us.

If you have been treated by one of our therapists you will know that we don't simply treat the site of your discomfort, we want to ensure we help treat the cause of your discomfort. We are committed to this and to understand the cause of your discomfort we need to understand more about you. You may have noticed that we are always asking you questions - this isn't always small talk. Sometimes we are digging into what's going on in your life, in your work environment so that we can assess if there are any triggers we can identify.

Once we understand your triggers and anything that may need to be changed in your environment or activities we can start working with you towards sustained results.

Being a part of your community helps us with this assessment. What do we mean about being a part of your community? We want to make sure that everyone involved in treating you is on the same page. Does your GP know your fitness goals? Does your PT know how you should be moving to avoid injuries recurring? Does your yoga teacher know the key moves that may flare up an injury? Does your workplace understand that sitting all day is not ideal?

We want to be a part of this community to help you achieve your fitness, wellbeing and health goals. We can do this by communicating with the other members in your community. If we all pull together we can help you do the best you possibly can! We are more than happy to talk to any of the members of your community - via email, phone call or in person depending on the requirement. When the community pulls together we can achieve so much more!

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can assist you to be the best you can speak to your therapist at your next appointment. We'd love to be a part of your Support Team!