• Anessa Madera

Yoga & Massage Great Companions

Updated: Jun 15

Why All Yogis should be getting regular Bodywork

Yoga is an amazing practice for a healthy life and does a great job in addressing the body’s aches and pains but it is not a COMPLETE SYSTEM for doing so. It needs to be supplemented in order to really maintain balance.

Yoga and bodywork are the ideal combination

Yoga and bodywork each have a number of benefits that when combined become a powerful tool for increasing our physical and psychological health.

Get to the core!

Seeing a manual therapist in conjunction with your yoga practice can help you reach a better understanding of why certain yoga poses are particularly difficult or painful for you. A practitioner can clinically assess your range of motion and strength, break poses down into their smaller mechanical parts and get to the root cause of your problem.

While treating you on a massage table they are able to manipulate your muscles and joints in a way that is just not mechanically possible on your own in a class.

It’s mental!

The benefits of yoga on your psychology are unquestionable. It is an amazing practice for increasing relaxation, however, there is a different type of ‘letting go’ and relaxation that can be felt in the body with external touch - like hugs! Massage fits into the category as well.

It lowers blood pressure and the heart rate, while yoga improves respiration, energy and vitality. The power of these two combined is the perfect recipe to relieve stress

Massage on the inside and the outside!

Yoga is considered self-massage but in a slightly different way to bodywork. The bending and twisting of the body performed in yoga actually massages your internal organs.

This aspect of yoga combined with the effect of a massage means that your entire body is catered for and receiving maximum benefits.

Before, after, both! How often?

Massage is extremely useful in promoting increased blood flow which will mean you are able to stretch further or feel more comfortable in your poses if you receive a massage before a yoga class.

After a class, a massage will aid in recovery and leave you feeling ready for your next class or the rest of your day.

Just as yoga is a practice that needs to be engaged in regularly so is massage. The benefits of either cannot be properly developed without consistency and patience.

120 minutes of massage per month is a great blueprint for regular bodywork to perfectly complement your yoga and boost your overall health.