Ultra Goals for Muscle Medicine

At Muscle Medicine we value challenges, we know that to push ourselves a little further than we are comfortable with can benefit in both body and mind. So with this philosophy in mind, Laura has signed up to an Ultra Marathon in New Zealand.

With two weeks to go Laura tells us how it's going:

I naively signed up to Motatapu a few months ago, some friends of mine signed up and suggested I join. I looked at the run, it is 51km, only 9km more than a marathon! I had always flirted with the idea of trying an Ultra so this seemed like an easy way to start so I signed up, then I looked at the statistics…

The female record is 8 hours 12 minutes, which makes no sense for a 51km course unless it is extremely difficult. The total elevation climb is 2800, oh dear!

At the Royal National Park - a very windy training run I have been taking my training seriously and headed out to the Blue Mountains and the Royal National Park. The longest run was 44km along the Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains, I was a little under prepared on a super hot day. Two litres of water was no way near enough, some kind strangers donated some of their water supply along the track but with I still ran out with 10km to go. After a panic that I was going to die I came across a drizzle of a waterfall. I went through six litres of water and still felt it wasn't enough.

About to begin the 44km Six Foot Track Some of the scenery

Day to day I'm doing hill sprints and strength work. Recently I’ve been learning about the importance of strength in running from all the new research on the subject and I feel for this race, my strength training is going to be vital.

My right glutes are pretty lazy but the wonderful Nick Carr at Balance in Motion has been a legend getting me to activate the right muscles and they are slowly getting there. Lots of slow and controlled movements and although I've mainly been concentrating on my glutes I've found that my whole body is adjusting. Coby of course has stepped in to perform his magic remedial massages too, so I’m really seeing a difference in my body.

Now we’re working out of Good Life, at 1 Martin Place, I have the pleasure of working alongside some pretty amazing personal trainers and managed to sneak a training session in with Brad Joyes who went through some great core and glute exercises with me, he’s a pretty crazy runner himself and is doing Ultra Man Australia, a 10km swim, 42km bike ride and 84km run.

I’m also trying to appreciate the importance of recovery. Recovery isn’t just rest, it’s sleep, massages, ice baths, salt baths etc. Unfortunately I don’t have a bath, but I do have an ocean so I try to jump in there when I can and hope it’s working it’s magic, I’m trying to occasionally let myself sleep in, as I tell myself sleep is part of recovery too, I’m also trying to ease off the running and substitute with strength and swimming, but as a runner this one is tough and often I find myself running when I shouldn’t be.

So I head off on 9th March to New Zealand and will be taking all my new learnings, training experience and a few close running friends with me - what am I in for??

We wish Laura all the best for this amazing challenge she has set herself. Please join us in wishing her luck and pop in to 1 Martin Place to say hi to her and ask her how it went on her return on March 20th.

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