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The Treatment Journey

In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey - the journey to understand what you will experience when you are on the path of recovering from an injury or overcoming long-standing pain. We'll cover;

The Pain Wave

How treatment should mimic the wave

Use your therapist to keep your head above the wave

If you think of pain like a wave, it builds up slowly, gaining height and moment until it reaches its peak before it falls back down, but it doesn’t just stop, it continues to move along and you can be ripped under, over and over again.

The wave may be different for everyone, but the pattern is the same and the opportunity for getting yourself out at the bottom of the wave is achievable, but sometimes you may need some help pulling you out.

Phase I - Pain & Relief

A wave may begin by the gradual overloading, or it could quickly come upon us by an accident, but either way, when it reaches its height, how we manage it can hugely influence how quickly we get out of it.

The peak of the wave is when you’re in constant pain, some people will be in this stage longer than others, often movement is impaired and you may create compensatory movement patterns as you try and protect yourself from the pain. The next part is where the pain begins to subside a little and is less all-consuming, it may come and go a little and then follows the next step, movement begins to improve.

Muscle Medicine understands that we will all experience this wave through various degrees and so, if you come to us in this stage, we will work with you to create a plan to move through these steps. This may mean regular treatments weekly or fortnightly and perhaps some gentle homework before we move onto the next phase of the wave.

Phase II - Building Sustainable Results

The next phase is the critical stage, your movement has improved, you may even be symptom-free and back to your normal activities. This is where you need to stay on top of your treatment. We will work with you to reduce your treatment frequency, but we will also want you to do exercises at home to keep you moving in the right direction. We’ll have a plan to make sure you don’t overload again, keeping you away from the pain stage, keeping you moving forward.

The last step of this stage is to achieve your goals, we will work with you to get you to where you want to be, out of pain and into full function. We need your help with this - keeping your appointment schedule and doing your exercises to avoid being pulled back under.

Phase III - Reaching Your Goals

Finally, we’re in the goals stage, you’re out of the wave and walking towards the beach. This is our time to reflect on what you can do to keep you out of the next wave. What lifestyle changes can you make? What exercises will you need to change or add into your routine and how will you approach your overall well being to keep out of the next crashing wave?

We will work with you to come up with a forward-thinking plan, keeping you in the sweet spot!


This is where maintenance comes in to play and we will recommend a maintenance plan depending on your lifestyle.

No matter what your lifestyle and what your goals we’ll walk you through the program to get you living your best life!