The Top 5 Benefits of Massage during Pregnancy

Being pregnant can be the most wonderful time and it can also be full of aches and pains. You start off feeling sick and exhausted and end it with multiple aches and pains, swollen feet and… exhausted.

A massage can seem like a much needed luxury, but there are also a host of benefits to having a regular massage during pregnancy:

  1. Reduce stress; massage can lower your heart rate and allow you to turn off for a short while which can be exactly what you need whilst getting everything ready for a new life.

  2. Improve lymphatic function; if you have swollen ankles, a massage with an experienced lymphatic drainage therapist can help to improve your lymphatic function and reduce swelling.

  3. Help your posture; all of a sudden your body’s load has shifted and this changes your posture, massage helps by releasing some of the pressure on muscles that have had more load than ever before.

  4. Improve sleep; say no more really, we all know that when you’re pregnant, getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done, and it won’t get any better when the baby comes along. So doing what you can to get a good night of shut eye is priceless. A massage will reduce the stress and load from your muscles helping your body relax into sleep.

  5. Boosts mood; being pregnant can bring forth a lot of emotions and anxiety, but having a massage can help lift your spirits and prepare you for the journey ahead.

Just listen to Evie S, one of our clients to have recently given birth…..

"I am so grateful for the whole team at Muscle Medicine who have helped me with all my aches and pains throughout my entire pregnancy. I've enjoyed all the therapies I have booked in for. I even came in towards the end for acupuncture and a final treatment days before birth to ensure my body was in the best physical condition prior to labour."

If you are pregnant, and feel you could use some of the above, visit and book in with Coby, Rudie or Amanda.

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