The Extreme Marathon Man

Updated: Jan 21

Greg is our next Featured Client, he has some extreme practices and training and definitely deserves a free massage for his efforts!

Greg is a long distance runner and by long we mean loooong! Last year he ran 800km in 8 days to raise money for children’s charity Hands Across the Water through his amazing event,

Greg comes to Muscle Medicine to keep up his performance and prepare for the adventure races ahead of him.

How Important is health and fitness to you? Extremely, for all round well-being and mental health as well as longevity, my male relatives don’t live long and I hope to change that trend. Fitness is not only good for me, but good for my children. It sets a good example to my children that as you get older you don't have to just sit around and watch tv. It teaches them nutrition, resilience, recovery, and perhaps most importantly, just get out there! Mentally, my happy place is in the forest after a few hours of running, it’s time to be with my thoughts.

Tell us a little about your runs and other sporting activities In a week I usually run about 90km to 100km with a mix of intervals, tempo, sand dunes and long slow runs of 30km-40km.

I generally compete in three to four 3 trail running events a year (as a middle of the pack runner) with distances anywhere from 45km to 240km. Cycling is important from time to time to freshen up and vary training a little, and I've now signed up for an Ironman so am turning some attention to the pool. I've set up an Insta page 'soextremerun' so people can follow what I'm up to.

I also contribute to junior sport by coaching and managing cricket and footy teams. What does a normal week look like for you? A usual week involves a daily start between 3:45am and 4:30am, and maybe as late as 5am on a weekend! That's mostly because I train in the mornings during the week, aiming to get 1-2 hours of running in before 6:30am to get home in time and get ready to head off for work.

Friday morning is normally a 5am beach run for an hour then an hour of sand dunes - what a great way to finish the week and start the weekend. I'm a Business Consultant with UltraMarketing Pty Ltd and I have recently found myself working 4 days a week, which is really helping work life balance. A usual working day has a 5pm or 6pm finish before heading home for junior sport or charity work/meetings. Each evening is effectively an extension to my working day.

During the week we also do all the usually family stuff and dinnertime is always a priority for the family to connect. Sunday's usually the long run or the long bike and an easy chill day by comparison to the rest of the week!

How did you find Muscle Medicine?

A client referred me to Muscle Medicine, he is also a runner and was seeing the benefit in regular massages with a consistent therapist.  I used to have massages regularly and had let them slip, it was great to be reminded how important they are in the mix.

How has Muscle Medicine Assisted you? The regular massages with Laura have contributed to improved flexibility, and certainly reduced stiffness i.e. I feel fluid when I start a run, rather than it taking a few km for the body to settle down. My body has also handled some of my events better!

The ease of booking online and being able to choose a location that suits me is fantastic.  Knowing Laura’s available in Bondi or CBD is really convenient.