The Muscle Medicine Team's Top 10 Tips for working from home

Updated: Apr 5

Working from home or spending time in self-isolation can be stressful for the body and mind.

It may throw you out of your usual work routine and maybe even reduce your opportunities for movement, fresh air and more than likely a properly set up workplace. Add on to this putting ourselves through the stress of dealing with loved ones 24/7 - it has disaster written all over it!

At muscle medicine we understand your pain - in more ways than one and have compiled some tips from our team to avoid a painful body and a potentially painful fight with your partner;

Laura’s Tips

Meditate - If you don’t already meditate now is a great time to start, you are going to need patience and headspace to deal with the change in environment and meditation can be a massive help here. Try downloading an app like Headspace or Calm to begin with. We know Calm are offering free resources to help you through this time, check them out. Alternatively, you can sit quietly in a space, calming your mind and using a trigger word to bring you back to a relaxed, blank mind when your thoughts start to wander. Consider using the traditional Om to remain centered and focused or select your own.

Breathing exercises - This can be part of your mediation time or separately. Good breathing will help you deal with stress, putting your body into a state of calm by activating the parasympathetic nervous system (your rest and digest system). It’s also good practice for a healthy body and respiratory system so no better time to start than now

Moving - You’re going to want to move as much as you can, moving is one of the best things we can do for our health, so staying at home all day is far from perfect. Make sure to get up regularly and get some water, perhaps move to a different workstation, perhaps you can follow the sun around your home to get some vitamin D. Consider setting a timer to remind you to get up and get your blood flowing. Just do your best to move as much as you can, you will feel better for it.

Anessa’s Tips

Morning movement routine - Make movement part of your morning routine and get the day off to a good start, especially if you’re going to be locked up inside all day. Try some sun salutations, a YouTube yoga class, your Muscle Medicine advised exercises or our stretch & breathing video. Check out our online library to get you motivated and make sure you’re performing your exercises the right way.

Home strength workout - so with movement still on our minds, the next point is to get a home strength workout in. If you’re not making it to the gym don’t let this stop you. There is plenty you can do around the house and now you have no excuse for not doing the exercises our therapists have discussed with you. Work your way through the Muscle Medicine online library of exercises with tips to make sure you’re getting them right. We’ll be adding to this regularly so keep coming back! We have resistance bands, spikey balls and a few other self-management tools in the studio if you need them for your home session.

Amanda’s Tips

Reduce Stress - stress is a big killer of the immune system, so however possible reduce your stress. Routine is a great tool for reducing stress of the unknown, so create a new ‘work from home’ routine from these Muscle Medicine team tips.

Talk - we are social creatures and we need to talk. You may be working from home when previously you’ve been part of a team, there’s nothing stopping you from joining your colleagues via skype, zoom or facetime. Either for a work discussion to keep things moving or for a lunchtime catch up with your usual lunchtime buddy!

Danni’s Tips

Workstation setup & posture - set up your work station in a body-friendly way;

  • Don’t work from your bed or a coffee table

  • Sit in an upright seat with your computer directly in front of you

  • The top of your monitor should be at eye level

  • If you can raise your desk by some creative (and safe) way to create a stand-up desk then brilliant

  • If you can switch between seated and standing even better.

  • The body loves variation, so moving is great, but don’t slouch or continually rotate in one direction.

Coby’s Tips

Home muscle release techniques - If you have any pain and you can’t get to us for a massage treatment performing some self-release exercises may help you through. Grab a massage ball if you don’t have one already and follow our videos and visuals for stretching and rolling. If you are concerned about these activities we are offering free 15-minute video conferencing to ensure you have got it right. We are also offering 30-min video sessions to assess any specific pain you may be experiencing and to help you with the correct self-treatment techniques.

Get some sunshine - The sun is known to kill germs and it’s also good for our health, boosting our Vitamin D levels to keep our immune systems ready. So go for a walk, breathe some fresh air, if you are self-isolating try getting close to an open window and make the most of what nature has.

And as an extra tip, we'd love to say "Support Local', at a time when businesses everywhere are suffering please consider your local business and order take out, buy locally, book appointments for reopen, leave a review - just support where you can.