Supermums Sometimes Get Hurt

All mums are superwomen, but superwomen sometimes get hurt.

Did you know that being a mum is the equivalent to working a 100 hour week, and that's not a desk job, it’s a full on, manual labour type of job.

Mums probably need and deserve a massage more than anyone else, but because we never put ourselves first, we rarely do.

We push our little ones in a pram, carry in a harness on our fronts, on our backs or freestyle on a hip or even shoulders. We’re arching over their cot, picking them up and down, we sit hunched over while they feed and god knows what positions we get up to when we play. We rock them, swing them up and down and sway them to sleep. And these kids can be from newborns to 25-30kgs

Does this take its toll? That is a big fat yes!

From my experience treating mums and my most recent personal experience, I can tell you that some of the top complaints mums suffer from are:

Wrist & Forearm pain - All that extra load lifting children constantly means a lot of extra loaded movement through the wrist and a huge load that you have just burdened your forearms with, it’s no wonder mums have sore wrists and forearms. Theimpact increases with rounded shoulders.

Shoulder pain - We can’t help but round our shoulders, we may try to keep our shoulders straight, but at a 2am feed perfect posture goes out the window. There is that huge extra weight we’re often picking up and putting back down and carrying around that we didn’t before we were a mum. This means we're often recruiting the pecs much more than previously and putting a lot of pressure on our shoulders.

Neck pain - See above for all the reasons we have neck pain and let’s add in strange sleeping positions from co-sleeping.

Lower Back pain - There are multiple reasons lower back pain raises its ugly head, from the lack of strength surrounding our core due to pregnancy, to all of the twists and shifts we put our bodies in to carry the little bundle of joys around.

Massage can help relieve these aches and pains, but for real change our therapists look at what you can do to help strengthen muscles or change behaviours to get you out of pain permanently. Mums don’t have a lot of time to look after themselves so we aim to work with you to rebuild your strength and keep you being Supermum!

Sometimes Supermums need a little help. If you are a mum, don’t be a hero, look after yourself so you can look after them!

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