Stepping into Spring

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

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Stepping out as the weather warms

The mornings are already lighter, warmer and busier with people running, swimming and getting back into their fitness routines. If you’re anything like me you think you’re invincible and can jump up and go full pelt.... but then, BOOM.... turns out you’re human! And you've injured yourself, so how can you avoid these early Spring injuries?

1. Stretch when you're warm Stretch when you're warm or dynamic stretch when you're cool! There are plenty of options; foam roll, yoga, prescribed stretches, massage, whatever just make the time to care for the muscles you are relying on for your sport of choice.

2. Listen to Pain Pain occurs for a reason, it is telling you that something is wrong, that you need to change the way you are loading up your muscles or your form. Generally there is a fairly simple cause, which when addressed or treated will stop the pain. Another concern with undiagnosed pain is that you tend to overcompensate, causing secondary issues in the body, complicating the matter further. Listen to your body - unless it's telling you to stay in bed!

3. Don't Self Diagnose When it comes to analysing ourselves even the experts can mess up, so with a small amount of knowledge, we can actually be more dangerous to ourselves than good. Generally there is more going on that what we realise and our natural tendency is to focus on the pain – not the cause.

A trained body worker (massage therapist, physiotherapist, osteopath) will read your body to asses where the issue is stemming from and can treat the cause.

I’m currently recovering from an achilles injury, with physio and fascial mobilisers and I’m working not just on the injury, but what led to the injury in the first place. I have 2 great partners in MJ at Primal Fitness and Matt at Balance in Motion. I’ve got exercises to build my glute strength and open up my right torso, my left calf has never felt better. The next step is massage, always tough for a massage therapist but when Coby has a spare second (LOL I hear you all laughing!) I will be sneaking myself an appointment to help capitalise on the exercise and free my soft tissue for more efficient movement. Combining functional movement, treatment and self-care - that’s a recipe for success.

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