Sport and Music - hand in hand

Updated: Jan 21

This week our meet our clients is featuring Lara Hamilton, an elite distance runner and cross country skier, social media manager, child carer and university student.

Lara was the U20 XC Champion in 2017 and represented Australia at the World University XC Championships in 2018. She transitioned to running after she entered the Sydney Harbour 5km and WON! Can you believe it!

Realising she had a passion and the talent to run she started with Run Crew Squad in her first year at unit and has looked over her shoulder since!

How important is your health and fitness to you?

It’s really important to me to maintain optimal health and fitness so I can run by best and perform my best. However alongside this it is important to balance activity with rest – physically and mentally. My music studies help me create this balance.

What sporting or leisure activities to you engage in?

Semi Professional Running and Trail Running

Weekend Warrior Swimming and Weight Training

Plus on a social level walking, yoga, pilates

Tell us more about your distance running…

Distance running for me is anything from 1500m to 10km on road and track competitively, and I trail run for fun. I sometimes do the Sydney Trail Series for a long fast paced training run. It’s really important to mix up terrain to train your body to adapt to different environments and surfaces.

With so much activity, tell us how you fit this into your usual week…

I train around 13 – 14 hours a week, this involves 2 speed/high intensity sessions, a bunch of endurance training plus 3 strength and conditioning sessions in the gym. I’m currently injured so my high intensity sessions are on spin bikes. Endurance is on the elliptical, aqua running or swimming. Once a week I'll complete an 18 – 25km run.

I work 8 – 10 hours a week and am studying a Bachelor of Music Studies in Classical Voice part time. It’s a demanding course, we need to learn to pronounce German, Italian and French for our singing, alongside composing and studying musical history.

For fun I love to surf, play music and brunch is my favourite meal of the day!

How did you hear about Muscle Medicine?

I was referred by Dr Diana Robinson – my mother! She is a Sports and Exercise Physician and has been referring her patients to Coby & Laura for a number of years.

What is the main reason you come to see Muscle Medicine?

I see Laura regularly for maintenance massages. The way she approaches treatments is awesome. I firmly believe in pre assessment before treatment to get a sense of the body’s current biomechanics and this is a corner stone of the way Muscle Medicine practice. Laura executes a pre assessment before every treatment.

I’m currently working with Laura towards rehabilitation of a hamstring tear, transitioning back to running with a target of running the NSW XC Championships on 22nd June.

What’s next for you?

In August I’m moving to Boise, Idaho on a running scholarship and to complete my Masters of Music Performance in Opera. It’s a big move, but I’m really looking forward to this next chapter in my career, both music and sport.