Q&A with Danny Moore

Updated: Jan 21

Danny Moore is a Professional Triathlon Coach and a great friend of Muscle medicine. Here Danny tells us a bit out his work and day to day life.

What sporting activities are you involved in?

As a young guy I was into pretty much every sport and was pretty good!  I focused on football (soccer) up to a semi professional level. Knee surgery lead to me getting on a bike which in turn lead me into triathlons.  I enjoy the challenge, and the variety is great for all round fitness.

Now I’m involved in a range of activities at a competitive level; Running, Swimming, Triathlons, Weights.

What’s a usual week look like for you?

I pretty much eat and sleep my work.  Seven days a week I have a routine that consists of;

Wake, train, coffee with the tam, train, home, eat, sleep admin, eat train, sleep, admin, to be early and repeat!

How important is fitness and health to you?

10/10  It is the most important thing to me. I feel myself getting depressed and even angry if I am unable to train.  It’s such a core part of my being.

How has Muscle Medicine helped you?

I was referred to Muscle Medicine by Balance in Motion due to a recurring injury. I try to see Laura regularly for rehabilitation and maintenance to help me continue doing what I love!  Unfortunately I don’t get in to see her as much as I’d like to, when I do, I feel a boost to my health.

I’ve been seeing Laura for a couple of years and her growth has been amazing since she’s been working alongside Coby.  I recommend a lot of my clients to visit Muscle Medicine as I know it can really improve their performance.

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