Prevention is Better than Cure

Who wants to get sick? Even if we know we have a cure, no one would get sick if they knew they could avoid it. It's the same with injuries, if you can prevent getting hurt, why wouldn’t you?

Yet, in the West we rely heavily on the medical system to catch us when we’re sick or in pain and it's a problem. The health system is overburdened with us all needing a cure. We have the knowledge and the opportunity to prevent this unhealthy reliance, so why don’t we?

We have a habit of thinking we’re invincible, or that taking care of ourselves is just too hard. We put off doing the work we need to and rely on modern medicine to ‘fix us’ - it seems like the easier option - until it isn’t!

Active people are as guilty as the sedentary. At Muscle Medicine, we’re as likely to see an active person come to us in agony because they ignored a niggle as we are someone who never leaves the couch and is suffering from back pain as a result.

Aussies are actually not too shabby at acting early, in comparison to the rest of the world, and in the Eastern Suburbs we’re blessed with a healthy lifestyle and population that does take their health seriously, but you’re not perfect. Jumping on a niggle is much better for you physically and mentally. An adage we like to use to help you remember to act;

Pain is often the last symptom to appear…

This means your body has been suffering in silence and you’ve more than likely been compensating, causing great issues your body will need to deal with.

….. And the first to go.

After your initial treatment, you will probably find that the pain reduces significantly. This is the time to take our advice and stick to your plan, so we can ensure your body hasn’t stepped back to the suffering in silence stage.

So coming to us when you feel a niggle is a great way to prevent major pain, but you can start even earlier to prevent issues before the niggle….

Here are some easy steps to prevent illness or injury:

  • Moderation - track your exercise and increase in moderation

  • Patience - remember if you’re doing something new, give the body time to adapt

  • Regular exercise

  • A healthy, varied diet

  • Regular check-ups (from skin checks to dentist visits)

  • Self-care - this includes a good massage

  • Socialisation - quality time with friends and doing things that bring you joy!

Prevention is Better than Cure.

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