A Free Movie Night on Muscle Medicine

Updated: Jan 22

If you don’t already know, this month is Plastic Free July, and so to help raise awareness about what we can do and why, Muscle Medicine is hosting a free filming of the film Blue.

Come join us in Double Bay and watch this must see documentary about the importance of our oceans, the abuse they've suffered at our hands, but also the positive efforts that can save them and maybe the planet.

If we don’t change our habits, by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish, a survey in 2015 found that more than six pieces of plastic can be found per meter of Australian coastline.

Researchers have identified about 400 species of animals that ingest plastic, which is bad news for them, but also potentially bad news for us too as studies have shown fish can absorb plastic into their flesh which we may then consume. We don’t have any evidence on the harmful effects on this yet, but I would prefer not to eat plastic given the choice.

At Muscle Medicine we believe wellness encompasses body, soul and environment, which is why we’re not only obsessed with helping you feel better through massage and exercise, but also with helping the environment.

This event has now taken place