New New New

We are so happy to be reopening on Monday 1st March and unveiling the new look clinic!

Our renovations have created;

* a new treatment room

* a new assessment & movement space

* a new waiting area

* a new reception desk

We promise the new treatment room will have frosting for privacy!!

We are also really excited to launch our newest service - maintenance massage treatments.

Our maintenance massages are ideal if you have general aches and pains, with no specific pathology or chronic symptom, such as sharp or dull pain in a specific area of your body.

Maintenance Massage is the perfect addition to your wellbeing maintenance plan to maintain the health of your;

  • soft tissues

  • circulatory system

  • immune function

Amanda Tenn and Areta Tjoe are our Maintenance Massage Therapists and perfectly suited to general deep tissue massages or even a relaxing full body massage to keep you fighting fit, your soft tissues in their best shape and your circulatory system efficient.

The best part of all - our maintenance massages are currently only $100! The best value massage without a doubt.

Note: Health Fund Rebates are not currently available on maintenance massages.

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