Meet Myotherapist Emma

Hey! I’m Emma, Muscle Medicine’s Myotherapist.

Without a doubt, I’m always asked what it is that I do when I speak about my work as a Myotherapist. Here’s an article on our blog to let you know a little more about myotherapy.

My passion and interest lies in movement. I’ve trained and worked as a contemporary dancer for many years; in Sydney Dance Company’s pre-professional program and later with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel with 30 dancers from around the world. I try to make time for the stage when I can - you may spot me in a fashion campaign or on stage with Opera Australia sometime soon! Yoga is also something that has been very consistent throughout my life, which led me to qualify as a yoga teacher in 2019. I have been teaching yoga to a variety of students ever since. After exploring the world of allied health and manual therapies, I settled on a Myotherapy degree due to its unique and highly effective treatment approach. Since transitioning from student to practicing therapist, I’ve come to realise that you never stop learning in this industry.

One thing I’ve noticed in my practice is the undeniable influence that movement has on any given presentation. I believe that movement is medicine, when administered in the right way. For this reason we’ve decided to introduce Hybrid Sessions at muscle medicine, combining manual treatment with exercise therapy. Read more about those here:

There is ample research out there proving that active participation in physical therapy reaps longer sustained results for clients. On a personal level, I’ve noticed that clients engaging in these sessions are learning more about their bodies and retaining more information during sessions. They are beneficial for clients who may not have much knowledge on safe or correct movement, or for those who are too busy or forgetful to stay on top of their home exercises (you know who you are!). It’s a great way for me to combine my teaching experience with my Myotherapy practice, and a great way for clients to ensure they are staying on top of their prescribed exercise.

If you’d like to find out more about me, the way I work or our Hybrid Sessions, feel free to check out our blog posts or have a chat with us in the studio.



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