Meet Emma!

Emma is the newest member of the Muscle Medicine Team. She will be working with us on Saturdays on the front desk and supporting the therapists.

Emma is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy) and was looking for some mentoring as she finishes her degree. Her work with the team will allow her to learn on the job as well as participating in our mentoring and training programs.

Find out a bit more about Emma with our quick Q&A

Education & Knowledge: Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy), Yoga Teacher, Dance Teacher

Interests: Understanding and connecting to the body, human movement & music

What was your initial interest in studying Human Sciences and Movement?

Having spent many years training and performing as a contemporary dancer, I am curious about how the human body moves and functions. I've always enjoyed formal learning and decided that diving into a human science degree was the best way to combine all of my interests and create new career opportunities.

What does a usual week look like for you?

Monday through Friday I'm generally out of the house by 6am and you'll typically find me in class or at the uni library, at work, or at the yoga studio. I like to keep my days fast-paced and productive and use my evenings to wind down and socialise. Friday and Tuesday nights are family nights for me, and the weekends are filled with a combination of work, last-minute assignment scrambles and play!

How do you like to fill your downtime?

Ocean swims, hot yoga, long walks, scrolling the internet for new music and being on a dance floor (which I miss dearly)!

What drew you to Muscle Medicine as a part-time role while you are studying?

The thought of completing my degree without much practical application of my knowledge (outside of our student clinic) was an intimidating thought. I had heard raving reviews about Muscle Medicine and decided there was no better way to complement my studies than to immerse myself in the world of Myotherapy before I graduate.

If you had one piece of advice for someone starting out a BODYWORK learning journey what would it be?

Refresh your anatomy knowledge ALWAYS!

Emma will be participating in our internal training, shadowing Anessa on Saturdays and joining in mentoring sessions as her studies permit. We look forward to Emma being a part of the team at least until she finishes her degree - if not longer!!

You may have already seen her featured in our social media recently - she's already a star in our eyes!

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