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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Areta is the newest team member in our growing tribe. She is joining our Maintenance Massage Team alongside Amanda Tenn who has been with us since June 2019. Areta has a keen interest in the human form coming from her passion for street dancing and takes this passion into helping others understand movement for the prevention and rehab of injuries. Here's a little more about Areta with a quick Q&A.

Education & Knowledge: Bachelor of Health Sciences (Exercise), Diploma Remedial Massage, Dance Teacher (Street Performance & Dance)

Interests: Connecting with people from different backgrounds, researching, and driving awareness in the street dance community around health & injury prevention/rehabilitation.

What was your initial interest in studying Remedial Massage after your Human Sciences Degree?

I have always had an interest in how my body worked as a street dancer, so while learning the anatomy and physiology of how bodies worked during my degree I really wanted to dig deeper and know how to help myself and people going through injuries and recovery. So I researched more on remedial massage and its benefits and it really just sparked a feeling of passion in me. I then applied to study with Evolve College and am very much enjoying the process of learning remedial massage.

How do you like to fill your downtime?

Taking any available dance classes, having time with my friends or by myself, brewing myself a cup of coffee, dancing in my room, and just letting my body move how it feels in the moment.

What drew you to Muscle Medicine as your first Remedial Massage role?

I really connected and felt drawn to what muscle medicine is all about. How they focus on not only massage but movement and that’s exactly what I really want to focus on in my career as a remedial massage therapist and street dancer. Muscle Medicine was also very clear that they wanted people who can work in a close-knit team who is fun, inclusive, and who can hold each other accountable and that’s the perfect team that I would love to work with.

If you had one piece of advice for someone starting out a BODYWORK learning program, what would it be?

Be open to discovering more about yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Bodywork is not just doing techniques on other physical bodies but it is an energy exchange as well. It is important to take care of yourself physically and energetically. It is important to approach bodywork seriously.

Areta will be starting with Muscle Medicine on our Maintenance Team while being mentored by our Remedial Team. With a solid understanding of the human form, Areta provides a high-quality full body massage with a focus on deep tissue, trigger point, and relaxation.

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