Keeping Winter at Bay

This year it's taken a while for winter to hit us this year, but it is on it's way now. So as the mornings get colder it's time to put your flu fighting strategies into place! We hate having to cancel appointments when one of our therapists gets sick, but we'd prefer to do that than pass germs on, so we try as hard as we can to make sure we don't get sick in the first place.

Muscle Medicine's Top Tips for Flu Avoidance

1. Flu Vaccination - Yes or No?

In the past the Influenza Vaccine has been promoted for those who are most at risk; the young, elderly or those with low immune systems. It is now widely accepted that protecting yourself against the 'flu can also protect the community by ensuring less people come down with it and pass it around.

When should you get your flu shot? NOW! The ideal time is to get your flu shot is before the germs hit the community and people start coming down with it around you.

We've had ours this week to assist us in avoiding illness, but we don't rely on that, we're also keeping up some proactive methods.

2. Keeping the germs away

We can't live in a bubble and we come into physical and close quarter contact with a lot of you every week, so please don't be offended if you see us washing our hands or using antibacterial ​​gel. It helps us and it helps you. It's actually worth considering having some antibacterial gel on hand during your work day - think about all those people you shake hands with on a daily basis!! Just be friendly with your own germs!!

Alternatively you can use a few drops of lavender essential oil as a natural hand sanitiser.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric or curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that can stop free radicals from damaging your immune system - letting the flu take hold. You can introduce turmeric into your diet in a number of ways, but a couple of quick and easy ways to fortify your routine; warm water, lemon and a teaspoon of turmeric or grab a turmeric latte - you'll find them at most cafes at this time of year!

4. Skip the Booze

If your immune system is having to fight off germs you don't want it having to deal with other toxins plus you need your sleep. Alcohol in your system means your body is having to work on eliminating it and therefore allowing the influenza virus a chance to get into your body. Alcohol also interrupts sleep and when your immune system is suppressed sleep should be high on your priority list.

5. Hydrate

Pass over the alcohol and reach for the H2O. Flushing your system with room temperature water helps rid toxins from your body as well as keeping you hydrated. Working and living in heated environments dehydrates your cells, keep water on hand and keep drinking.

Adding fruit for flavour also boosts your vitamin intake. Grab a glass infuser bottle and mix up your flavours!

6. Have a massage (of course we believe this!)

Massage increases circulation which boosts your immunity, it nourishes cells with oxygen and blood. Besides helping to relieve the stress - stress is another factor that reduces your immunity so help reduce it - need another excuse to take that time for yourself?

7. Wipe it down

Gyms are a hive for germs with sweaty towels and equipment, dirty shoes and general sweat flinging around the place! Don't miss your class or work out, just make sure you wipe down after using the equipment - keep it clean for all.

8. Stay at Home!

This is really important - if you're sick make sure you don't spread it around the office, stay home until you aren't infections anymore!