Introducing Hybrid Sessions

We’re excited to announce a new appointment type at Muscle Medicine: The Hybrid Session.

What are Hybrid Sessions?

Hybrid Sessions combine hands-on therapy and movement therapy. These 1-hour appointments are designed for those clients who require more than just manual therapy to obtain sustained results. The session formula is client specific and will always be clearly communicated. Depending on the case, movement rehab may take anywhere between 20-30 minutes of the 1-hour treatment time.

How do Hybrid Sessions help me?

Therapists prescribe exercises as an extension of their manual work, much like homework is an extension of what is learned in class. For many clients, using exercise as a tool in this way is sufficient to reach goals. However in some cases (for e.g: hypermobility, poor movement patterns, altered gait, strength deficits or lack of proprioception), a larger focus on posture, movement and strength is required to reach the ultimate goal of the soft tissue treatment. These sessions can help to ensure that your prescribed exercises are done properly to maximize benefit. All eyes on you for a full hour… think of it as a mini personal training session!

How does the Hybrid Session work?

An initial Hybrid Session will include:

  1. A conversation to identify goals and address presenting issues

  2. Postural assessment

  3. Appropriate manual therapy (between 30-40 minutes)

  4. Relevant movement therapy/exercise rehab (20-30 minutes)

Note: Movement therapy and manual therapy may vary in order depending on the presentation and stage of your treatment plan.

In some cases, you may transition from Remedial Massage/Myotherapy sessions into Hybrid Sessions. In this case, there will be less time spent on goal setting and assessment, and more time spent on the treatment table or in the rehab space.

What are the benefits?

  • Close assessment of movement patterns to ensure good form.

  • Accountability - no more excuses about not having time to do your rehab.

  • Improve yoga/pilates form with trained practitioners.

  • Understand exactly what effect the soft tissue work is having on your body.

  • Movement immediately after soft tissue release can yield great results when it comes to strength and control.

  • Treatment following movement therapy promotes healing of injured/inflamed tissues.

  • Make the most of our rehab space and tools.

At current, Hybrid Sessions will be run by our Myotherapist Emma. Emma is a certified Hatha/Vinyasa yoga instructor and has years of professional dance and Pilates training under her belt. She’s a stickler for good and functional form, and can help you improve your own practices. As a Myotherapist she also has qualifications in exercise prescription and rehabilitative movement.

Feel free to contact us via call or email if you’d like to know more. Alternatively, have a chat to any of us next time you’re in the studio.

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