HELP - I’m in pain who do I see?

A position most of us have found ourselves in at some point in our lives. Everyone around you has an opinion, and there is a multitude of options, who do you choose to see? Or more so who do you see first?

I say ‘first’ because when it comes to our health and wellbeing, it is multifaceted. There is no silver bullet or quick fix when many elements are contributing to how we feel and how we function.

Nutrition and diet, stress and lifestyle factors, postural habits, level of activity, occupational demands, sleep quality and quantity, environment, social connection, family needs, the list goes on and they all play a role in how we feel.

Add some musculoskeletal weakness or imbalance, wear and tear in joints, previous soft tissue, or skeletal injuries – it’s no surprise that a combination of therapy modalities is often the best solution.

Also, let's not forget that we are all different; We live different lifestyles, our physiological demands are different, our DNA is different, and as a result, we respond differently to different treatment styles.

Yes, we are complex beings!

The good news is, you’ll find relief amongst a variety of pathways. It’s just a matter of education and learning what your body needs at that particular time in your life.

As an Osteopath, it’s in our DNA to approach our patients holistically. When we say this we mean - take a full-body approach - this is what drew me to Muscle Medicine as it is how they treat as well. We appreciate the body is interconnected; just because you have pain around your right shoulder and upper back, doesn’t mean that is where it is originating. We look at the big picture when it comes to the body, and also when it comes to your lifestyle – considering all of the factors mentioned earlier.

We also work to support the body’s incredible inherent healing capabilities – sometimes ironing out a few soft-tissue kinks and re-aligning some joints that may not be moving so well can do wonders in helping your body move back to a state of flow and optimal vitality.

We do this through thorough assessment, and a combination of techniques that ultimately work to relieve soft tissue tension, help the joints move better, and help correct any misalignments that could be contributing to holding your body in a state of tension and stress.

Working holistically also means appreciating that working collaboratively with other practitioners is valuable. This is the foundation of Muscle Medicine, as they have strong relationships with a range of modalities for those times when an extra focus is needed, so I have a team around me who can help. Myotherapists and Remedial Massage therapists can spend more time working deep into your muscles and fascia (the soft tissue that connects our entire body) through either their hands, dry needling, or other techniques to help release chronic spasm or tension. And in a society where stress is often a contributing factor to pain and discomfort, our relaxation massages can work wonders on calming down your nervous system and allowing the Remedial Team (myotherapists, remedial, and osteo) to go deeper with our treatment methods.

So back to who to see first?

What do you feel needs addressing first?

At the end of the day, it’s all about synergy; Working together to find what is best for you, your body, and your current environment, so you can live your best life.

And something we can guarantee you at our practice is that no matter who you choose to see first if we believe a different path will serve you better, our treatment plan will be sure to recommend this.

Working together has never felt so good!

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