H2O - just do it!

H2O - 2 x hydrogen, 1 x oxygen, AKA Water!

It's winter and we don't think as much about the quantity of water we are drinking, In summer it's a lot more natural to drink water and lots of it. Over the winter months we tend to naturally reduce our intake of water, but we should be maintaining or increasing for a couple of reasons.

1. Heating

Turn that heater on and you need to increase your water intake by about 15% due to the natural dehydration that the heating causes us.

2. Muscle Elasticity

Dehydrated muscles have less elasticity, during the hot summer months you drink more water and your muscles are more hydrated. During the winter months your muscles will be craving more water - give it to them! Elasticity in muscles will assist in rejuvenation and healing of overworked muscles!

3. Just Drinking

We simply don't drink as much during the winter months, so we need to focus on how much we need to drink to keep our bodies hydrated.

How to Drink in Winter

During winter one of the reason we don't drink as much is because we are so use to drinking water straight from the fridge, but it's cold! So we sip on it and then an hour's gone and we've had half a cup.... so swap your cold water bottles for room temperature and you'll naturally drink more.

Also, if you are drinking filtered water, add a pinch of grey or celtic salt, this will mineralise your water and ensure it 'sticks' in your system. If the water sticks in your system it will hydrate you so much more.

Don't forget to keep moving ... stand up, move around. Get up, every hour and go for a 5 - 10 minute walk, this helps the fluid move your tissues and keep your whole body hydrated.