Be Butt Proud

The 90s and 00s were a dark time where people were ashamed of their big butts, thankfully now we know better, and big butts are rightly being celebrated around the world.

Your butt is your power house, you would be falling all over the place without it, we wouldn’t be able to walk, run, hop, etc if we didn’t have a bum. Bums are even a sprinter's secret weapon; the Glute Max of an elite sprinter is 45% bigger than non elite sprinters.

So thank you to Kim Kardashian for bringing back the bum!

Why is the bum so important? It provides us with power and stability, it stabilises the femur in the hip socket (preventing hip joint damage) and helps balance us, affecting load elsewhere in the body. The Gluteus Maximus is actually the largest and strongest muscle in the body, it has an important job and it’s definitely one you want to be on the right side of.

A weak bum can cause lower back pain, calf strain, foot pain, even shoulder or neck pain.

Luckily for our bums, we are now realising how amazing they are, PT’s and influencers are out there spreading the message that big bums are back, not just because they look great, but because they are great!

Making sure that your bum works well is going to help you keep strong and out of pain.

Here are three simple Muscle Medicine tips to making your bum great again:

Stop Gripping and Squeezing

There is no need to squeeze your bum as tight as you can when exercising, it’s not helpful and it's definitely not functional. If you don’t believe us, just do a little walk and see how you feel, now squeeze your bum and walk, how is that working for you? Your glutes work without being squeezed, you would look like a penguin trying to walk with a squeezed bum.

Start with Some Hip Thrusts

The hip thrust is a great way to get you out of gripping and build some foundational butt strength. Simply lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor (you can add a band around your legs, just above your knees to add some resistance and work the side of the bum). Now, simply lift your bum up off the ground and back down again, do not squeeze your bum, if you feel the need to clench, drop the bum a little, you don’t need to go as high as you can, the up and down action is what works the bum.

Love the Squat

Only after you have perfected the hip thrust should you move onto the squat. Stand with feet hip-distance apart and push your bum back behind you like you were reaching back to sit down (you can do this to a chair or bench to help perfect the technique), now stand back up again and repeat. Two tips for this exercise:

  • Don't let the knees go in front of the toes, it's an exercise for your bum, the bum goes backward, the thighs do not go forwards

  • Don’t squeeze the bum!

If you haven't been showing your bum the love it deserves, now is the time to start.

The team at Muscle Medicine are all bum fans, chances are you will leave with some glute exercises, as most of us can do with some glute development.

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