Balance Your Health

We often hear women say: "I just need a day or even a few hours just for me!" Life is busy. Women juggle many different roles, constantly serving others, while often leaving little time for themselves. When we neglect to fill our own emotional cup, we don't have much left for others. We are running on empty, which can leave us feeling resentful, hopeless, isolated, unmotivated, and depleted.

Every so often, we all need to retreat from life.

The word ‘to retreat’ has its roots in the Latin word ‘retrahare’, which literally means ‘to pull back”, “going back to the original place.”

How often do you take time out to retreat and take stock of your life? Allowing yourself ‘to be’, rather than ‘to do’ without feeling selfish or guilty?

Yet, we know that it is those precious sabbath moments that re-energise us to keep going and help us to balance work, family, and life. Especially in times of life transitions, which women experience plenty of, such as becoming a mother, job changes, going through menopause, aging, becoming an empty nester, and times of grief.

Amongst the constant doing, we sometimes lose sight of who we truly are, what motivates us, what brings us joy, purpose and, fulfillment. Whether our life is aligned with our values and what our core strengths are. We forget that our wellbeing matters. If we truly feel well in ourselves, we can cope so much better with life’s many curveballs, its transitions, and daily demands. Wellbeing entails so much more than just good nutrition and exercise. Wellbeing also encompasses our emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, financial, occupational, and environmental domains. As humans, we function so much better when all of them are more in balance. We thrive and flourish when everything is more in sync.

Sometimes all it requires is a subtle change in our daily routine that replenishes us and helps us thrive. Every so often, we need to make some bigger re-adjustments. For that to happen, however, we need to bring more self-awareness into our life. We need to give ourselves permission “to retreat”; to make space for some self-nurturing and re-evaluate what our needs are.

Often this is best achieved in the company of other women who are experiencing the same challenges. Knowing that what we are experiencing and feeling is normal, that we are not alone and that we can best support each other in community.

Ensuring you connect with other women in your life is important, and making sure those connections are meaningful and not simply superficial is crucial to this balance. That requires a certain vulnerability and honesty. Too often do we 'put on our mask', pretending that all is fine when really our internal world is falling apart.

Connecting with other women who have similar experiences or stories, charges, or changes? our spirit, which often gets neglected as we prioritise all other aspects of our lives and as we are being the primary support for others.

The connection can come from a regular coffee catch up, getting out in nature with a friend or joining a group to share each other's wisdom and lived experience. Together we are better.

So make this International Day of Action for Women’s Health one that you take action for yourself on!

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