5 Things You Can Do For Small Business

We've all heard the words a million times - we are in unprecedented times. We see businesses 'closing', but what does that actually mean? Will they come back? Are they gone for good?

Before we head down this track too far, what can you do to support your community and help the small businesses bounce back once COVID19 has been eradicated?

1. Stay Home!

This is an interesting one, you think small bricks and mortar businesses would need your support financially - and they do, but the longer we go about our 'normal lives' the longer the pandemic will go ahead. So stay home, but ensure when you do need to go out and purchase or engage a business, make sure it is a local business. Support local businesses online, go to your local cafe and order take out. Make date night a party for two! Dance the night away in your living room after a superb takeout from your favourite restuarant. I hear some of these guys are also opening up their wine lists for take aways. Check out Monople & Bistro Rex in Potts Point as examples!

2. Shop Local

When you do need to go out for essential products and services make sure you are supporting community stores. These small businesses are often the backbone of our communities and are suffering. Help them keep their doors open, their staff employed and the opportunity to serve you well into the future.

Buy a gift voucher if you can, this is a great way to shop for those having 'isolation birthdays'. they may not be able to use them now but when they can it will help the community to spring back to shape. Gift vouchers online

3. Stay Connected

Join groups or pages that your favourite business runs. Listen and respond to what they are saying. They are trying to stay in contact with you. Start a conversation and let them know you are still around and will be back as soon as you can be!

4. Like & Share

Like their posts, share their information, helping a business spread their word helps them stay relevant in your community. Remember - be genuine, if you believe in their information share, if you don't leave it be. Start a conversation and learn more about the businesses around you!

5. Make Appointments

For service businesses, make an appointment for the future. Let the business know you are committed to them surviving. Help them feel the positive jolt of a new online or over the phone booking. Who knows - you may have to move that appointment, so be respectful and move it with notice, but I can tell you, businesses will love you for showing your love at this time!

BONUS | Leave a Review

If there's a business you love and you've always meant to leave a review, but never had the time - guess what! Jump on google and leave that review you've always wanted to. This is going to be HUGE for those businesses. They will feel the love, it will help buoy them through the tough times and help them promote their business when they open their doors again. If you're reading this and have worked with us we'd love you to leave a review for us, we really enjoy hearing how we help our clients! Just CLICK HERE