5 Benefits of Maintenance Massages

Whether you are a sports person, an active weekender or someone who wants to be able to keep themselves moving the best they can throughout their lives; Maintenance Massages will benefit you, read on to find out more.

  1. Stress Relief

- decreases negative health responses from chronic stress

- decreases Cortisol and Insulin levels

- produces stress-reducing hormones that calm the nervous system, decrease heart rate and breathing, relax muscles and improves digestion

- increases serotonin that stop the transmission of pain signals, reducing pain sensitivity

- stimulates sleep-inducing brainwaves to assist in deep sleep

2. Improves Circulation

- improves nutrition of tissues and elasticity of blood vessels

- improves blood flow and increases oxygen to tissues

- lowers blood pressure by reducing stress

3. Increases Immunity

- distributes and stimulates the production of immune cells (white blood cells) to help filter toxins and metabolic waste products to protect from viruses and bacteria

- improves lymphatic circulation to drive mobilise the lymph system enhancing the defence against infections

- disperses lactic acid and other waste products out of muscles to prevent accumulation that can cause pain and fatigue

4. Prevents Muscle Strain

- reduces muscle tension with increased production of relaxing hormones

- increases circulation and oxygen to tissues to aid in healing and promote tissue integrity

- stimulates joint fluid production and improves elasticity and flexibility of connective tissues

- reduces requirement for pharmaceutical pain relief, reducing load on internal organs

5. Improves Posture

- freeing up soft tissue allows the body to structurally align more naturally

- decreases muscle fatigue and tension, less joint compression or friction, leading to less degeneration or arthritic changes

- assists to realign incorrect or 'bad' posture memory of your body and provides your body the opportunity 'learn' better posture

Besides all of this, simply spending some time looking after yourself provides huge benefits. We highly recommend giving yourself permission to spend time on yourself on a regular basis!