3 Ways Muscle Medicine Is Different

Because we’re geeks at Muscle Medicine, we like to do more than we’re asked. As a Remedial Massage Therapist, we have to undertake a minimum number of training hours each year, but just for fun, we go further. We attend lectures, courses and workshops as well as read up on new research and get together to discuss new findings and share ideas.

Research is always throwing up new and contradictory information about how the body works. The human body is an amazing organisim that we’re really just at the skin of, when it comes to the peeling of the onion to our understanding of it. When we face the fact that actually, as a collective, we don’t know much about the human body, we create a curiosity and open mind for seeing all new research with enthusiasm.

We shake up what we think we know and challenge what we’ve always thought to be the truth. This allows us to keep growing as therapists and is often why the treatments you receive at Muscle Medicine may not be what you expected!

It is not unusual for a client to ask how we are trained, as they haven’t been to a massage therapist like us before. To qualify, we train in the same way as other Remedial Massage Therapists, but we also read research papers for fun (!), meetup weekly to discuss new findings and treatment methods and opportunities, take part in varied workshops, attend lectures and speak regularly with our network of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Sports Doctors to better understand what we’re seeing and how to help. We also ensure your senior experienced therapists are mentoring and guiding, meaning that our team are well in front of the curve when it comes to their knowledge of treatment techniques and human anatomy.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to treating clients. One client may have a completely different experience to another even by the same therapist. Or clients may experience a different style of treatment from one week to the next. We treat based on our knowledge of the body, our treatment tool box and how you’re presenting on the day. This means we can provide you with sustainable results for your injuries and discomfort - helping you get on with living the best life you can, as quickly as possible.

Our therapists will also make recommendations based on your presentation - to achieve the goals you have discussed. We’ll set out a frequency and number of treatments to help you achieve your goals how you want to achieve them.

These are the ways we are different;

  1. We adapt, we grow, we learn

  2. We take time to listen, look, and test what is happening with you

  3. We recommend and follow through with you to keep you accountable to your health goals

We do all of this in order to give you the best possible treatment and opportunity to be the best you!

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