Our Values

The sense of community is important to us and our values are the platform for how we wish our team to interact with each other and our clients.  We also appreciate feedback, so please let us know how we go living up to our values!


Being an active life long learner and engaging with clients and their stories

Knowing our deliverables with our clients, our community and ourselves and making them happen

Clear, concise and direct communication, remaining connected to our clients, the business and each other


No one is an island, we are a team and we stick together.  We rely on each other for development, support and to create a team we wish to work with


Being actively involved with the business, we work together to create sustainable results for every client that works with us while driving muscle medicine forward as a successful business


Unearthing the circumstances and stories behind the presentation, understanding another's position. Coupling this with the desire and ability to make a difference to others.