Find out More About Myotherapy Massage in Double Bay

People interested in receiving myotherapy massage should learn more about Muscle Medicine, a top massage therapy company in Double Bay. We can provide clients with myotherapy techniques that are shown to provide relief from pain and associate tension caused by a variety of factors ranging from stress to poor sleep. Those who haven't experienced these techniques before will find that they have immediate and lasting relief. To learn more about how we incorporate this strategy into our massage applications, please visit our Treatments & Techniques pages.  Get more out of massage therapy by seeking services from a company recognized for its exceptional results and customer service.

Myotherapy addresses muscular pain and discomfort by working the soft tissues (fascia, tendons & muscles). If you are interested in finding myotherapy massage in Double Bay please see our full website and see how Muscle Medicine can provide immediate relief from pain and tension throughout the body.


Many people go through their day in pain and have issues with mobility and stiffness. We can help alleviate these symptoms and focus on treating the areas that are the cause of the discomfort. We incorporate proven techniques designed to help improve the client's overall condition and provide them with effective relief and relaxation. We have a range of services that can provide this relief from acute pain through to maintenance and relaxation.  We aim to provide our clients with a range of services to meet their needs including myotherapy techniques.