Understanding Myotherapy

If you are interested in myotherapy treatment our website will help you understand how myotherapy can add value to your soft tissue health.  


muscle medicine is a renowned massage therapy studio in Double Bay. We assist our clients through soft tissue discomfort and pain with a range of massage therapies including myotherapy. Myotherapy has been shown to provide relief from pain and associated tension caused by a variety of factors ranging from physical activity, poor posture and and general life experiences.


We can often provide immediate relief from your pain or discomfort while also working with you to create sustainable relief. If you would like to know more about myotherapy you can visit this page.  


We also have an extensive FAQ page to help you understand what services would be best for you.


Ensure your massage therapy experience is one that provides you with sustainable results and not a quick fix that will recur shortly after your treatment. 


You do not need to live in daily pain or suffer from mobility issues.  Our therapists are exceptional at providing relief from your symptoms with a focus on identifying and treating the cause. Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and Movement Therapy are key to living a life that is free of movement restrictions and allows you to hold off the effects of ageing on your muscles and joints. 


Visit muscle medicine for massage in Double Bay and allow us to work with you to achieve your wellbeing goals.