Locked Clinic Appointments

What is a Locked Clinic Appointment?

To help vulnerable people, we have decided to offer Locked Clinic Appointments.  These appointments will be during a time when there is only one therapist and receptionist in the studio plus you.  The doors will be locked so you won't be crossing over any other clients in our studio.

There are limited appointments on Friday and Saturday.  You will need to call to make an appointment as they are not available online.

If you are vulnerable and in need of treatment, please call us on 8323 4648 and discuss the option for locked clinic appointments. 

Locked Clinic Appointments 

  • Maximum of 3 people in the studio [Therapist, Receptionist & Client]

  • Locked doors to ensure no cross over of clients

  • Available Fridays & Saturdays

  • Therapists are fully vaccinated

  • Limited Appointments - please call