We help our clients by being curious. We can't provide a sustainable solution to your discomfort if we do not know the history behind your current presentation. And we can't help you achieve their goals if we don't know what they are! It's important that we are curious about your history and goals.


We help our clients by being lifelong learners and having open minds. We are always looking for new techniques and modalities that we can integrate into our treatments and plans. Our therapists are skilled across multiple modalities and techniques to ensure they can provide the most appropriate solution.  They will engage any number of techniques within your session - no need to book something specific or pay add ons! 


We help our clients by being inclusive. It takes a village - the best solution may be a combination of Muscle Medicine therapists to provide the best treatment plan or to provide a financially friendly option. We also know our limitations and may not be able to provide the full solution, so we engage with other professionals to ensure our recommendations are for well-rounded and sustainable solutions.


We help our clients by being compassionate. Not only do we care, but we are also passionate about seeing changes and improvements in your life, movement, and general health helping you make the positive changes that let you live your best life.


We help our clients by keeping them accountable for their treatments and at-home care. We educate and encourage self-awareness of changes in pain and other symptoms. We call to check-in, We follow up after appointments to see how you have responded to treatment. We don't set and forget! We engage with you throughout your treatment plan.