Headache Relief

If you've landed here chances are you suffer from headaches or know someone who does.  It's not pleasant and we'd love to help. 

We are currently seeing a lot of clients with headaches, either newly experienced or increasing frequency. We don't believe this is something anyone should have to live with. 


We have had great success in helping clients find relief!  We want you to live your best life and be pain-free!


1. Provide a thorough assessment to ensure we know you, your pain and your wellbeing goals

2. Soft tissue treatment, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) manipulation, Diaphram release

2. Personalised breathing and neck/jaw release exercises

As we believe in our methods and are confident we can help relieve pain - as we've done for so many clients, we have two great offers for you.


We have limited appointments for each offer, so don't delay!

Option One - $55

Telehealth Assessment and Personalised Plan

  1. 30 min assessment with our therapist from your living room! 

  2. Neck and Jaw exercises and self-release techniques

Value - $110

Option Two - $99 

Assessment, Treatment and Personalised Plan

  1. 15 min in-clinic assessment  

  2. Min 35 minute treatment

  3. Personalised exercise and calming techniques emailed to you

  4. 15 minute telehealth follow up 

Value - $210 Health fund rebates available