General Aches & Pains

  • General, all over body tiredness

  • Aches from

    • the daily grind

    • exercising 

    • Working from home / unsuitable work place set up

Male Back Full Body
Female Front Full Body
Common Symptoms

A general massage can be performed by any of our therapists;

  • Maintenance Massage Therapist

Our remedially trained Maintenance Massage therapists are skilled therapists who are on the Muscle Medicine Mentoring Program.  They work closely with our Remedial Therapists and Clinical Director to grow their knowledge on a weekly basis​.  As they are still training, though often more highly trained than many massage therapists, you are getting fantastic value for money!  These are ideal massages to suppliment a Remedial Treatment Plan or to simply maintain your soft tissue health.


  • Remedial Massage Therapist

Our Remedial Massage Therapists have years of experience and many suplimentary courses under their belt.  Once you complete your Remedial Treatment Plan with one of our Remedial Therapists you may wish to continue your maintenance with them.  Your Remedial Therapist will provide you with their recommendations to get. you instant relief, deliver sustainable results and move into a maintenance program.  

A maintenance massage is fantastic for general back pain relief, and those nearing the end of recovery of soft tissue injuries.


No matter whom you choose to have your maintenance massage with you will walk away feeling like a new person!  


Your initial session will involve;

  • Subjective Assessment | A discussion about your general medical history, your treatments with us and other therapists (including, physios, osteos, chiros, personal trainers, etc), and your physical activity levels.

  • Goal Setting | If you have received a Treatment Plan from one of our Remedial Massage therapists you will have set your goals with them.  Once in maintenance, you will be working to maintain your wellbeing

  • Objective Assessment | A physical overview of your body, a check on how you move.  We'll test how you bend and squat, plus look at anything specific that you have identified as a discomfort

  • Treatment Your treatment will be a full body massage with a focus on key areas of discomfort. Your therapist will check in with you in regard to the pressure of the massage.  You may like a deep tissue massage or be happier with a lighter touch.  Our aim is to treat your muscles through soft tissue release. 

Whomever your Maintaence Therapist is, they will leave notes on your profile for subsequent maintenance or remedial treatments you have with our team. 

We can help provide back pain relief, headache relief, and rehabilitation from soft tissue injuries with a thorough assessment and treatment plan.  Our goal is to help you Live Your Best Life - pain free!