Exercise Library

We have developed this Exercise Library to assist our clients reach their wellbeing and performance goals. During your Remedial Massage or Myotherapy session your therapist may identify areas that require strength development, increased range of movement or general rehab exercises.  Your therapist will take you through the exercises at the time of your appointment and then provide you with a link to the appropriate videos, making it easy for you to ensure you are executing them correctly. 

If you have any pain while you are performing these exercises stop immediately and make an appointment to see one of our therapists. If booking online, leave a note so we can ensure we ready with the best advice. 

Our aim is to ensure you reach your wellbeing and fitness goal of living your best life - whatever that means to you!

We strongly advise that you do not attempt these exercises without guidance.  Although they look simple, engaging the correct muscles is essential.  Please speak to a professional to ensure you are executing the exercises correctly.

Our therapists can assist with in-studio appointments or telehealth appointments.  Your personal trainer will also be able to provide advice for correct execution. 


The Hips: The Glutes, Hip Flexors, Adductors and Rotators

Introduction to The Hips

Prone Hip Extension - Glute Activation 

Hip Thruster - Glute Max Activation

Bum to Bench- Glute Activation

Squat with Resistance Band - Glute Activation

Scooter - Glute Med Activation

Wall Sit - Glute Activation

90 / 90 Sit - Hip Opening 


The Core

Introduction to The Core

Breathing - Activating the Diaphragm

Activating the Pelvic Floor - Core Stability

Activating Transverse Abdominis - Core Strength


Introducing the Hamstrings

Resisted Hamstring Curl

The Back

Introducing the Back Muscles

Activating Multifidus - Core and Back Strength

The Shoulder

Introduction to the Shoulder

The Belly Press for Shoulder Strength and Stability

The Prone Y Lift for Shoulder and Back Strength

Wall Push Up for Shoulder Strength 

Isometric Shoulder Rotations for Shoulder Strength 

The Reverse Lat Pull Down - Shoulder Strength

The Hamstrings

Band W for Shoulder Strength & Stability


The Quads

Introducing the Quads

Isolating the Vastus Medialis for Knee Strength

The Split Squat Exercise for Quad Strength


The Lower Leg - Calf, Achilles and Plantar Fascia

Seated Heel Raise Exercise

Double Heel Raise Exercise

Single Heel Raise Exercise


The Thoracic

Supine Spine Stretcher for Opening the Thoracic

Three Point Thoracic Opening Exercise

Arrow/Book Opener for the Thorax


Self Release Exercises

Guide to Using a Massage Ball 

Guide to Using a Foam Roller

Using a Massage Ball to Release Hip Tension

Using a Massage Ball to Release Hamstring Tension

Using a Massage Ball to Release Shoulder Tension