COVID19 and Treatments

As per the NSW Government 'Stay at Home' Rules, Remedial Massage & Therapeutic Massage are classified healthcare and can remain open, CLICK HERE for more information.   Our infection control protocols remain in place.  Each of our team members has completed the Australian Government Infection Control Training

As we have been classified as healthcare, this provides you with a legitimate reason for travel.  We advise you to keep your appointment reminder on your phone should you need to prove your travel purpose.

We can ensure you that visiting Muscle Medicine is as safe as ever! We are a small format studio and as such have small numbers of people passing through our doors and no large gatherings.   

We have suspended use of the movement space except as part of a treatment session and have reduced our caseload to allow for one therapist to be treating at a time. Each treatment will be managed in an alternating room. 

Our front door at Double Bay will be locked.  Please arrive 5 mins before your appointment and ring the bell to be let in. We have social distancing made easy with a large space the minimal waiting that may be required. 


Our treatment rooms are 10SQM which is over the WHO requirement of 4SQM per person in enclosed spaces.

Our standard hygiene practices are always best practice, we;

  • use hospital-grade antibacterial handwash, which is also available for all of our clients

  • use hospital-grade antiviral spray throughout the clinic on all hard surfaces

  • change linens after each client

  • wash our hands before and after each client

We have added further hygiene practices;

  • increased the cleaning of all hard surfaces including door handles to hourly

  • removed head and arm covers from beds to allow for antiviral wipedown between clients before linens placed

  • advising clients who suspect they have a fever to remain home and reschedule their visits for when they recover

  • health screen our clients (temperature checking and recording on arrival)

  • asking clients to either use our hospital-grade hand sanitiser or wash their hands on arrival

  • asking clients who have recently been travelling to reschedule their treatments until 14 days past their travel

  • therapists take their temperature thrice daily and maintain records as a precaution 

As we are treating most of our clients to help them achieve their wellbeing goals, we are keen to keep you on track.  We will remain diligent and follow the guidelines set out by the Australian Government and WHO to ensure we can keep you safe.