Workplace Massage

The increased energy and dopamine released during a short massage ensures a positive experience and flow on effect throughout the office.  

Massage days are looked forward to and bring a new energy to the office and your workforce.

Stress is part of our everyday lives, but mixing up the day and providing some stress relief for your team can go a long way.


A 15-minute shoulder massage relieves tension and assists to promote improved posture.  Which in turn increases the positive flow of energy through the body.

Overall result - reduced stress and increased productivity. 

Staff massages are a great perk and viewed positively by staff, creating a positive effect on the culture.


As part of a people & culture strategy massages can help to engage team members and demonstrate the business cares about the wellbeing of it's employees.

Relieve tension, reduce stress and improve your posture with a 15-minute massage at your office.  Speak to your People & Culture team about booking a regular spot with one of our massage therapists.  The regularity will assist with your posture and relieve that nagging pain from the repetitive, yet limited movements you are confined to at your desk.