muscle medicine x wonderland


muscle medicine x wonderland is a collaboration to drive business excellence for Allied Health Professionals starting out their clinic ownership journey.  Designed to help create a clear and simple path for you to follow, allowing you to focus on your genius, and caring for your patients/clients.

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To make the complex simple and the path clear for Allied Health Professionals who are starting (or wanting to start) their own practice. 


Create opportunity for all forward thinking entrepreneurial therapists to be able to follow their dreams and create their own futures.

Danni du Preez

Danni's career has spanned 3 decades of business management. She left a successful career in Advertising Agency management to start her own business coaching consultancy, Wonderland. Alongside her husband, Coby, Danni founded muscle medicine, a Soft Tissue Treatment Clinic in Sydney's Double Bay.

muscle medicine x wonderland combines her love of allied and complementary health, fitness, and wellbeing with creating simplicity from the complex.


Danni believes anyone can, but we all do differently.  The winning formula is to create in your genius, lean on others genius to help you move forward and surround yourself with those who make you better.