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Welcome!  Take some time to look around and discover why muscle medicine is different.  

We can provide:

* Headache relief

* Lower & upper back pain relief and improved movement

* Increased range of motion through joints

* Reduction in joint pain

* Performance training 

* Injury recovery & prevention

* Improved balance, fall & trip prevention

We are specialists in:

* Headache & Migraine Relief

* TMJ Disorders

* Frozen Shoulder Relief

* Postural Correction 

We also provide maintenance plans to ensure your soft tissue health is optimally maintained. Our team works together so your treatment can be continual, no matter who your therapist.  

All our therapists are mentored weekly to ensure continual knowledge growth. 

Once you've experienced a muscle medicine treatment you'll know why over 44% of our new clients come from existing client referrals!  Read more about what our clients have to say here


Please stay home if you are feeling unwell or have any COVID19 symptoms.

Please see our infection control protocols on our booking link - click above for further information as to how we are ensuring your health and safety.  

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