Maintenance Massage

Body Maintenance Massage

A Body Maintenace Massage is for our regular clients who have either completed a treatmetn plan and been referred on for regular soft tissue maintenance or have been seeing a Muscle Medicine thearpist for some time. 

When would you book a Maintenance Massage?

After you have been treated for an injury or specific dis-ease by a Muscle Medicine therapist they will recommend a Mainteneance Plan for you, according to your lifestyle and how you genearlly respond to treatment.  You aremore than welcome to book your maintenance massage with any of our Remedial Therapists as our central system allows client notes to be accessed by each therapist to ensure your treatment is continuous.  

A regular massage is the perfect addition to your wellbeing maintenance plan to maintain the health of your;

  • soft tissues 

  • circulatory system

  • immune function


How often should I have a maintenance massage?

That depends on you and your lifestyle. Our recommendations are;

High-Performance Lifestyle  | Weekly

Active/High Function Lifestyle | 3 - 4 weekly

Life Care | 5 - 8 weekly

Note - these recommendations are if you are not engaged in a Muscle Medicine treatment plan.  If you have a treatment plan, speak with your therapist about including maintenance massages. 

How does this differ from other muscle medicine massages?

A Maintenance Massage is a full body massage with a focus on any presenting or ongoing discomfort you may be feeling. Whereas our Remedial Massage Treatments will not provide a full body massage as they are designed to only focus on your specific discomforts and goals.  During your Maintenance Massage, you will benefit from the skills and knowledge of a remedially trained massage therapist.

What can Massage Therapy do for you?

  • Provide overall tension relief

  • Provide relief between Remedial Massages or Myotherapy treatments

  • Maintain your soft tissue health & wellbeing

  • Improve range of movement in joints

  • Improve the function of your circulatory system

  • Boost your immune system 

  • Improve your respiratory and digestive systems

  • Assist with injury prevention

  • Calm the central nervous system

Read our blog series to find out how Maintenance & Relaxation Treatments can provide health benefits. 

Which Therapist should I book? 

Coby du Preez [Clinical Director & Remedial Therapist]

Stephanie Reidy [Remedial & Myotherapist]

Amanda Tenn [Remedial Therapist]