Maintenance Massage


What to Expect

Body Maintenance Massage
Whether you are weekend warrior, fitness enthusiast or have a fast-paced lifestyle, maintaining your physical health is important. At muscle medicine, we believe that regular massage and muscle therapy treatments not only assists to keep your body in great shape but also helps you to Live Your Best Life.  We recommend you augment your treatment plan with Body Maintenance Massages as this will ensure we achieve sustainable results.
How often should I have a maintenance massage?
That depends on you and your lifestyle. Our recommendations are;
High-Performance Lifestyle  | Weekly
Active/High Function Lifestyle | every 2 - 3 weeks
Life Care | Monthly 
Note - these recommendations are if you are not engaged in a muscle medicine treatment plan.  If you have a treatment plan, speak with your therapist about the best intervals for maintenance massages. 
How does this differ from other muscle medicine massages?
A Body Maintenance Massage is a full body massage with a focus on any presenting or ongoing discomfort you may be feeling.  You will benefit from the skills and knowledge of a massage therapist who is fully trained and mentored in the Muscle Medicine Method. 
Maintenance Massages are only $90 for 60 mins.
Health Fund Rebates are not available on Maintenance Massages, the massages are priced accordingly
What can a Body Maintenance Massages do for you?
  • Provide overall tension relief
  • Provide releif between Remedial or Myotherapy treatments
  • Maintain your muscle health & wellbeing